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1. Q: Are the contractors locally based?
A: The 1 Call contractor network has been specifically designed to provide clients with local service providers to ensure that our customers enjoy punctual service,  improved site control and the financial benefit created by reduced travelling expenses.
2. Q: Does the 1 Call service increase the cost. How does 1 Call make its money?
A: Our service costs you nothing, it actually saves you money as the contractors pay a small monthly fee to receive multiple quoting opportunities in their local vicinity. When compared to the volume of clients they service, 1 Call remains their most affordable  and effective means of advertising, Actually reducing the contractors overheads and ultimately the cost to the client.
3. Q: How many (independent) quotes should I request?
A: Although it is wise to compare prices and design offerings for larger projects, we only recommend one or two quotes for smaller tasks such as plumbing, electrics and handyman type works etc. as they all operate on a very similar pricing structure.
4. Q: I have a much cheaper quote, why would I not accept it?
A: Be very wary of under quotes which are nearly always provided by contractors who deliberately leave out various items, only to increase the cost as they progress or worse, are already in financial trouble due to poor management or performance. Accepting a cheap price is high risk and in the majority of cases, results in the work having to be re-done. ‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the excitement of a low price’. Benjamin Franklin 1741.

5. Q: What guarantees does 1 Call provide?

A: Our satisfaction statistics are exemplary, as 1 Call clients benefit from the ‘safety in numbers’ scenario.  With thousands of jobs in progress every month, the expulsion of a contractor from our database has far greater financial implications than the cost of satisfying your individual requirements. With our integrity and your consistent feedback, we have firmly secured  our status as South Africa's only safe haven for consumers to select reliable home improvement and maintenance contractors.
6. Q: How do I know the contractors don’t compare prices (collusion)?
A: We never advise the 1 Call contractors how many quotes have been  requested or who else is quoting. We also recommend that contractors are appointed at different times to quote.

7. Q: Are my personal details provided to any other companies?

A: Your details are secure, all customer information is treated as strictly confidential. We never offer client information to any other entity.


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The Milnerton area has, in recent years, developed into an upmarket area with shopping malls, medical services and schools. Young couples have purchased homes or built them from scratch. Plumbers in Milnerton have established themselves firmly in the area to serve the needs of the community. It is a wise move to ensure that you have the telephone number of a reliable plumber close at hand for those inevitable plumbing emergencies that can occur when you least expect them. Homeowners are not usually willing to get their hands dirty and things like blocked plumbing drains can cause a terrible mess. It makes much more sense to have an expert plumber come in with the proper equipment and advice. Always ask questions and try to build up your own knowledge about how to prevent these plumbing incidents from happening again. Some of the older houses still have the original toilet and basin plumbing. These can easily be converted into more modern units at a reasonable cost. Bathrooms can become more useful by adding a shower or replacing the bath completely with a large shower area incorporating seating. It makes sense to prepare for all eventualities such as ensuring your home is a safe and welcoming place for everyone that visits, including your elderly relatives. A few strategically placed handles will come in handy but need to be positioned by a plumber so that the holes can be drilled without fear of damaging the pipes.

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How do you go about finding a plumber in Milnerton ? The best way is to use our website as we have plumbers listed with us who are based in Milnerton. They will come out to you to provide you with a quotation. All the quotations are processed through us so we keep an eye on things. Once the job is completed we will also get in touch with you to see if you were satisfied with the whole process and the results. This way we ensure that we have only the top plumbers in Milnerton quoting on jobs for our customers. We hope to give you the opportunity to choose from more than just one quote where possible – so you can get the job done at the right price as well. To get a quote from plumbers in milnerton – simply fill in our quote request form which can be found on this website – just click on the second button above and fill in your details and we will get back to you ASAP ! If we cannot get a quote for you right away from a plumber in milnerton then we will get quotes from plumbers who also cover the area so no matter how we do it we got you covered.